Ford f150 2021

The 14th-generation Ford F debuted in June. The most expensive way to start a build is with the Supercrew, Limited trim with four-by-four and the 5. The new 3. The regular cab F only accounts for 5 percent of sales, surprisingly.

All-New 2021 F-150 PowerBoost™ Hybrid: Torture Testing - F-150 - Ford

The most popular model is the SuperCrew XLT with the A package, which includes the bigger, inch screen, the power outlet in the bed, LED box lighting, LED fog and cornering lamps, push-button start, another power outlet in the interior, remote tailgate release, LED reflector headlamps and LED side-mirror spotlights. That pickup, upgraded to 4X4 and the 6. If you want to upgrade to the hp 2.

The first pickup is how a lot of workers would spec a cheap truck. You get power everything, a touchscreen and four-wheel drive. The second truck is the most popular way, with more comfort and capability than the cheap model.

The last truck does double duty as a work truck and a family hauler. These top-level pickups feature some of the cushiest interiors this side of Mercedes-Benz.

Prices are a couple hundred dollars up from last year but almost every trim gets new features to offset the cost. Car Life. Type keyword s to search.

ford f150 2021

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Ford just revealed 2021 F-150: Why this new model is different

More From Ford.The Ford F has been redone foroffering a new hybrid drivetrain, tons of usability improvements, and a slew of new tech. Numbers haven't been announced, but Ford is targeting class-leading horsepower, torque, payload, and towing to help keep the F-Series far ahead of rivals from Ram and Chevy. The biggest change is the new PowerBoost hybrid powertrain option, the first true hybrid truck since GM's ill-fated Silverado and Sierra hybrids.

But this isn't just the eco-friendly option; by pairing a kilowatt electric motor to the already potent EcoBoost 3. Cruising range should exceed miles and the tow rating will be above 12, pounds. It'll also be available on every trim and in both rear-wheel- and four-wheel-drive configurations. The other engine options—the 3. Power outputs for all engine options are unknown, though, so some could see a power bump. Opt for either EcoBoost engine, the Powerboost hybrid, or the 5.

On the standard engines, Pro Power uses a second alternator on the engine to provide up to 2. That'll allow you to power things like circular saws, jackhammers, loudspeakers, or an air compressor off of your truck. A full tank can provide that power for 85 hours.

You can also use Pro Power Onboard while driving to charge up tools and equipment. And since it's run off a volt system entirely separate from the truck's volt main battery, you don't have to worry about it affecting the rest of the truck.

ford f150 2021

The F hybrid will be able to supply up to 7. If you don't need that much, though, all hybrid Fs come with a 2. Usability improvements don't end there, though. The new F also features a fold-out workspace for the cab. Fold the gearshift down and flip out the panel and you'll have a large, flat surface on which to sketch, use a laptop, eat, or set a toolbox. Collapsible storage bins cover the full width of the rear seat, giving you a lot more in-cab storage for precious goods.

Out back, a redesigned tailgate features yet another flat workspace with holders for pencils, cups, and tablets. Clamp pockets and straight-edge surfaces are designed to help people use their truck as a mobile cutting surface, too.

You'll also be able to option Max Recline Seats. They fold almost entirely flat, with the cushion rising to meet the seat back for a lie-flat bed experience. Combine that with ProPower and it's not hard to imagine living out of this new F It'll be more pleasant, too, as the F gets an entirely new interior with bigger infotainment, an available digital instrument cluster, and much nicer materials throughout.

More active safety equipment is also standard, with all Fs packing automatic emergency braking and most getting upgraded safety features like blind-spot monitoring and lane departure warning.

2021 Ford F-150 First Look: Best-Selling Truck Gets a Stealth Redesign

Come next summer, the F will get a paid over-the-air update that will allow customers to upgrade to a hands-free semi-autonomous highway driving system, like Cadillac's Super Cruise. Finally, the styling has been updated with a broader stance and more aerodynamic shaping.

The headlights now carry down into the bumper, a taller take on the F's defining C-clamp headlights. That design is mirrored to the taillights, too. Ford says it'll offer 11 different grilles and 13 different wheel options, so you should have no problem making your F look different than your neighbor's. The overarching idea is to not just improve the numbers that truck companies brag about on commercials, but to make the F a more well-rounded workhorse for its customers.

And considering the millions of possible configurations, new hybrid model, upcoming EV, the generator mode, class-leading specs, hands-free driving hardware, and arsenal of clever productivity-focused features, it's hard to imagine a truck owner feeling underserved by the new F Join Now.

New Cars. Car Culture. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.More: Ford F features and tech aim to delight owners and stump the competition. And this latest redesign feels like polishing a diamond. We've been able to incorporate so many of those learnings into this truck. It all tells a story about F owners. If you don't have the key in a pocket, you have a kick switch. Not only did Ford collect hours of video and more than 8, photographs documenting F life and how to make everything just that much easier, the teams shadowed customers around the clock for months.

You're trying to pack your truck and it's pitch black, so dark. That was the inspiration for us to come up with zone lighting. Now the F has a feature that allows drivers to use a phone application to light different parts of the vehicle. But there are conflicting demands there. But you have to have a shifter because these customers really prefer a shifter. Ford engineers spent time on construction sites and observed workers with long workdays taking naps in their cabs, so the new Ford F includes luxury reclining seats that create a bed-like opportunity.

And there are lockable compartments under the seats for secret storage. More: He's a big deal at Ford, but down-to-earth exec hides in plain sight. More: Pickup truck love has America addicted, willing to sacrifice alcohol and coffee and More: Dealers warn buyers: Get your new car before they're gone, supply vanishing. Intuitively understanding habits and needs is one thing, seeing the situations in real life is another completely, he said. Those generators were noisy, those generators were smelly," Galhotra said.

A lot of customers can simply use the generator on board to power their tools. This way, Ford F customers don't need to haul that big heavy generator, which can also get stolen. The interior, which may feel like a cozy den to the casual observer, really can be a family space, she said.

More: Ford F-Series pickup trucks second only to iPhone in sales. Here's why that's important. America has had a love affair ever since the beginning, based on historical sales data. Richard Machado, president of Agrian Inc. It continues to be the market leader, but both Chevy Silverado and Ram Trucks have been aggressively working to eat away that advantage.

A price for the F has not been released. Details related to horsepower and towing capacity will be made available at a later date, Ford said. Contact Phoebe Wall Howard at 3 or phoward freepress. Follow her on Twitter phoebesaid. Read more on Ford and sign up for our autos newsletter. View Comments.Ford just released specs for the new F, including the much-anticipated PowerBoost hybrid variant, and the numbers are impressive. With hp on tap, the PowerBoost will be the most powerful F at launch, and the torquiest F ever, with lb-ft.

Maximum payload for the PowerBoost is pounds, and tow rating is 12, pounds. The 3. Check out the two charts from Ford below for a full rundown. The merger of Fiat Chrysler and Peugeot parent PSA is still in progress, and the companies announced today who will make up their board. Manley's role at the new company, set to be called Stellantiswill be announced before the merger is complete.

Mick Schumacher, son of Formula 1 legend Michael, has tested some older F1 cars before, but soon, he'll get his shot in something modern. Autosport report s that the current Formula 2 points leader will test an Alfa Romeo F1 car in practice at the upcoming Eifel Grand Prix. Both will then run the following week at Fiorano in Ferrari's car. It's seeming more inevitable that Schumacher will eventually get an F1 drive, but he's got big shoes to fill. Join Now. New Cars. Car Culture. Type keyword s to search.

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More From News.See all 19 photos. Ford has finally dropped a truckload of detailed information about its new-for F pickup. How much does the Ford F tow? How much can it haul? How powerful are its engines? We now have the maximum payload and towing capacities for each of the F's six available powertrains, along with how much power each one makes.

Let's go through the lot, step by step:. The F offers six powertrains: A 3. Here is a breakdown of each powertrain and its output. Note that every single one is paired with a speed automatic transmission:.

Close watchers of F engine details will notice the carryover gas V-8 engine makes five more horsepower and 10 more lb-ft of torque than it did last year. Other enhancements include the 3.

But the real news is that mighty PowerBoost hybrid, which throws down the most torque of any F powertrain lb-ft! Interestingly, the PowerBoost V-6's horsepower rating is lower than we anticipated; when Ford announced the hybrid Fit promised it would deliver the most horsepower and torque of any light-duty pickup.

With horsepower, that is no longer true—or at least, it no longer is possible. Since Ford launched the F and made that claim, Ram went ahead and dropped the hp supercharged TRXa light-duty, full-size pickup with decidedly more horsepower and torque than even the PowerBoost-equipped F hybrid. Balloon popped. Furthermore, the PowerBoost hybrid V-6's peak horsepower figure is actually down 20 ponies on the high-output 3. Zoom out for a second, however, and you'll notice that half of the F's powertrains make hp or more—and the new Raptor has yet to be revealed, potentially tipping the Ford pickup 's lineup into a "majority hp-plus" situation.

Every new full-size pickup that comes along claims at least one superiority in the categories of engine power, towing capacity, or payload capacity—Ford's new F has laid claim to two: "Best-in-class towing and payload. To get that payload, customers must choose the regular-cab model with two-wheel drive, the eight-foot bed, and the 5. Curious how much the new PowerBoost hybrid F can tow?

Turns out it can lug a hefty 12, pounds with a conventional hitch. That isn't the top of the F towing heap, though. Fs equipped with the hp 3. That towing muscle requires opting for the SuperCab extended-cab F with two-wheel drive and the Max Trailer Tow package, and it marks an pound increase over the F's ultimate towing capacity.See all photos.

Believe it or not, the Ford F XLT you see here is 92 percent new or revised, including every exterior panel. This is some Porsche grade 'design evolution' right here. Clearly, the unbroken stuff goes unfixed, as engineers instead concentrate on continuing the F's unrelenting march upward in payload and towing capability.

Also improved are the ride quality, stability, and interior refinement, all in the name of enabling the truck to better assist its owner in getting various jobs done. Here's what doesn't change in Most dimensions, the size and configuration of the three available cabs and boxes, and the powertrains except for the axed six-speed automatic.

Leading the roster of cool improvements is a new PowerBoost hybrid offering that includes Pro Power Onboard. PowerBoost mates the Explorer Hybrid's transmission-mounted electric motor and frame-mounted 1. No power and torque figures have been announced, but while the Raptor takes a year or so off, this will serve as the new F's most powerful offering while delivering "12,pounds-plus" of towing capability, reasonable fuel economy, and a claimed mile driving range.

It will be offered on every trim level. But perhaps even better is the hybrid's standard Pro Power Onboard system, which provides a 2.

Need 30 amps of volt power? Upgrade your PowerBoost truck to the 7. Can't swing the cost of the fancy hybrid? It automatically starts and idles the engine as needed to power your devices. Chassis improvements include frame reinforcements to support widening the track by just under 1 inch, increasing the tow ratings, and accommodating the PowerBoost's longer transmission and battery mounting.

Increased rigidity improves ride, as do better bushings where the cab mounts to the frame, and a switch to monotube shocks on higher-end trim levels. The front stabilizer bar now attaches to the steering knuckle instead of the control arm for improved mechanical advantage, and composite leaf springs replace steel in certain lower-payload applications.

The vacuum brake booster is ditched in favor of electric assist; the rotors and calipers are upgraded to handle the higher tow ratings; and the F gets the Adaptive Steering system from the Super Duty, Edge, and others.

This places a motor and gears between the steering wheel and column to reduce the amount of steering input needed during low-speed maneuvers, while also removing the "nervousness" that quick-ratio steering might otherwise cause at highway speeds. Other new features aimed at getting jobs done easier include a stowable shifter that, when in Park, can fold down into the console allowing the center armrest to flip over forward and form a continuous flat work surface.

Need a flat surface you can saw on? With the tailgate step optionyou now get a tough SMC composite tailgate surface that incorporates imperial and metric ruler markings, a place to stand your handheld device while watching that YouTube how-to video, and two recesses for C-clamps to secure your workpiece to the tailgate.

Best of all, two new tie-down loops on the tailgate double as bottle openers. Power opening and closing of this gate is also now available. Joining Pro Trailer Backup Assist is a new Trailer Reverse Guidance system borrowed from Super Duty that uses cameras and a trailer-mounted yaw-sensor to coach a driver while maneuvering manually. The top surface of the closed tailgate features an improved spoiler shape; there are air deflectors ahead of the rear wheels; the side-view mirrors are resized and shaped for optimal flow; and the C-pillar shape is optimized.

Screens are larger in all Fs, with base trucks getting the 8-inch unit that was optional, while a inch screen becomes the upgrade, still augmented by hard buttons for audio and climate controls. A built-in 4G modem comes standard and permits over-the-air upgrades of most onboard systems.

At its launch, Ford will take a page from Tesla's book by selling a hardware upgrade higher-quality exterior cameras and new driver-monitoring sensors for later activation of Active Drive Assist, Ford's answer to Cadillac Super Cruise and Tesla Autopilot, which will come to market within 12 months and will then require just a software upgrade.Here we showcase the latest makes and models, often before they hit the market.

We also report on other significant announcements in the automotive industry. Our in-depth guides provide advice and insight on numerous aspects of vehicle ownership, including maintenance, car care, warranty, accessories, and safe driving. Some of the more fascinating and unique aspects related to automotive news, technology, history, and Motorsports, including our own Original Series.

Ford unveiled a full-hybrid powertrain for its new F earlier this yearthe first full-system hybrid of its kind on the truck market. Now Ford has given us a glimpse at some of the testing they are doing for the F PowerBoost, the official name for the full hybrid F The new F has a kW motor powered by a 1.

Its targeted EPA-estimated range is miles on a single tank of gas. The Pro Power Onboard feature serves as a mobile generator for your power tools or mini-fridge for a Sunday tailgate party. But the main event is how the Ford F now offers a 3.

ford f150 2021

When properly equipped, the full hybrid F has a max payload of 2, lbs. That puts it within earshot of the Ram with a 5. No F powertrain gets a pass; we have one standard for quality and durability. Ford has always put its F through rigorous testsbut the PowerBoost had to clear extra hurdles to make it market worthy. The automaker crafted a custom testing machine with multi-axis hydraulic actuation to repeatedly and violently shake and vibrate the lithium-ion battery pack.

2021 Ford F-150 First Look: Best-Selling Truck Gets a Stealth Redesign

The video above shows more. Ford developed the test to replicate the abuse the truck would endure when it hit deep potholes, or while driving on gravel and dirt roads. The hour test is the equivalent of 10 years of rugged rides. Like last year, the available cab styles are regular, extended, and Supercrew. Bed lengths are five foot six inches, six foot six inches, and eight feet.


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